Camper & Commercial Truck Shells in Springdale

FLAT BED COVERS come in 4 distinct types… Hinged, Folding, Roll up, and Retractable. Each has it’s own unique advantages and disadvantages. Most come in black but painted to match versions can be found below. We can explain the different models and help you determine which type best suits your lifestyle and budget. Check out many of them here. If you’ve seen a specific cover you like, we can offer it. If not we’ll help you find it!


  • The LT series fiberglass lid is ideal for someone looking for a painted to match fiberglass lid without the extra “bells and whistles.”

    If function and value are your priorities, the LT series has you covered.







  • The LSII series fiberglass lid features paint to match and surface designs that match the hood of your truck, giving it a factory look other brands can’t offer while the underside is carpeted for a clean finished appearance when open.

    There are few equal and NONE better than the LSII series lid.







  • The LSX series fiberglass lid is the next level lid and shares all the features of the LSII, but with scissor hinge technology for a closer fit on the front corners of trucks with factory installed plastic bed caps.

    For those wanting the latest in technology and design, the LSX is your lid.







  • The 3DL series lid is meant for work and convenience and comes painted to match your truck. Hinged in the front like a traditional lid it also has side hatches allowing more versatility.

    If a Lid suits your needs but you want better access the 3DL does the job.








CAMPER SHELLS offer the user more versatility and cargo room over a flat bed cover. Shells also allow you to haul pets or to sleep in the back when camping, something a flat bed cover can’t offer you. Many designs and options are available including a roof rack so you can haul more gear!

We can help you find the shell you want and need!

  • The Classic Aluminum series does the job for less money. Light weight and easy to remove when the time comes, it is an entry level cover meant for those who only need a shell certain times of the year. 

    If you need a shell but don’t want one year around the Classic Aluminum series can do the job.

    34061 ARE Aluminum Cap Photography01_ALUM_02DODGESILVER






  • The V series offers the best in value with classic styling and traditional sliding side windows, and is ideal for the person looking for value while still having an attractive addition to their truck.

    If function and price are your priorities, the V series fits the bill.







  • The CX series offers the option of upgrading to the modern automotive design “Screen Vent” crank out windows not available in the V-series for a more modern appeal. In addition, the CX series offers wrap over edges for trucks with factory equipped plastic bed caps, hiding them under the shell to give you clean unbroken color flow from the shell to your truck.  The walk in door option adds to the function of this shell while eliminating the truck tailgate.

    If your looking for a modern look without the expense the CX series is your shell.







  • The Overland Series is the V-series with a bold and rugged look meant for a dramatic statement.

    Price and function with a TOUGH look. Enough said.






  • The Z series is the ultimate in automotive design with “Screen Vent” crank out windows, a frame-less rear door with rotary latches, and a carpeted interior. Just like the CX series it wraps over the sides on all trucks with factory equipped plastic bed caps. The Z-series gives you a sleek SUV look not available in other models. This is a Sharp shell that compliments today’s modern trucks.

    If style is your priority look no further than the Z series.






  • The MX series offers more head room without compromising style. Featuring a wrap over design like the CX and Z series, it too is available with the optional automotive style “Screen Vent” crank out side windows for a more modern look or the traditional sliders as a standard feature. The walk in door option adds another level of style.

    If you need extra room but don’t wish to sacrifice style, the MX series is the shell for you.







  • The T series wedge design gives you the largest cargo area and the aerodynamic shape forces the air up and over many enclosed trailers. The extra height also allows extra head room for crawling in and out of the cargo area.

If maximum interior space is your goal, look no further than the T series wedge.

22_TWSeries_F150_Silver34249 ARE Lifestyle Photography








Work shells are for those who work out of their truck for a living. Get organized and protect the tools of your trade while giving yourself a professional look.

The DCU series is for those hauling the tools of their trade. These shells are custom built to suit your needs and include the standard features of full length locking side doors and a locking rear door. Options let you choose the height and roof style, rear door type including full walk in and hatch back models, side options including built in tool boxes with optional dividers, roof racks of different types, and many other features. These shells allow you to organize your tools and parts while protecting everything from theft and weather. The flat smooth metal make a great surface for signs and stickers while keeping your truck free of these needed additions.

If you work out of your truck, you can’t go wrong with the DCU series.

70_DCU_Ford-CargoGlide56_DCU Series Ford







  • The Tool Master series is a stylish work shell intended for those who need to carry the tools of their trade while maintaining a sleek and clean look. Available in cab high and raised roof designs these shells come standard with paneled side and rear doors, side toolboxes, and a roof rack. A list of options allows you to change features so you can get the price and options you desire.

For those wanting a look superior to the DCU series the Tool Master series is the way to go.







  • The Site Commander is a highest level work shell featuring a fiberglass body and doors which makes it more impact resistant than metal versions. All Site Commanders come painted to match and include a 5 year warranty.

Why compromise if the Site Commander is what you want and need?